My Love/Hate Relationship with "Love and Hip Hop (ATL, Hollywood)"

Last night was the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atl's 5th season and while I'm sure many were glued to the highly anticipated antics, I decided to opt out. Now, this post isn't to bash the successful reality show as I am a frequent viewer of all franchises, but sometimes I feel guilty and stupid for being so engrossed into the pathetic drama that is drawn up to make a "good" storyline. 

From the exhausting bickering between Joseline and everyone else to the down right disgraceful acts of Peter, Aminah and Tara and the exaggerated storylines from the Hollywood cast, it can really have you questioning your intelligence. 

And with new additions to the casts each year, it seems like it's a constant race to make the next season more ratchet than the previous one.

But then again, it is entertaining as hell! The things that they say to each other is humorous and their constant relationship drama is like watching a hip-hop soap opera. Sigh, I guess that's the downfall of being a sophistiratchet. 

I'm sure in the next few weeks, I will be channel surfing and somehow land on a Love and Hip Hop ATL marathon and catch up. Until then, I will be on a sabbatical. 

How do you deal with your love/hate relationship with reality shows?