3 Things I Learned About Prince After His Passing

It's been four days since the iconic musician Prince has passed away and the world is still in mourning. You can't get on social media without someone sharing songs, videos, performances, interviews etc of the late star. Even monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Niagara Falls honored the singer by turning purple, Prince's signature color. 

I've listened to Prince growing up (of course my parents were fans of his music), but I never really knew much about him besides what the public perception of him was. When he passed Thursday, it was such a huge shock and at first I didn't believe it. I am a music fanatic so whenever a musician dies, especially one who I was a fan of and who also had a major impact on many people lives, I always take it personal. However, with so much that has resurfaced since his death, I (and I'm sure many others) learned a lot more about his greatness.

For starters, he had a great since of humor.

We all knew he was the shade king, but he also enjoyed comedy. Many who were close to him shared personal stories of his humor and how he even enjoyed others portraying him in skits.

He was very giving.

He willingly helped other musicians to reach their full potential. He even wrote a mass number of hit songs for others and he would put a fake name as the writer. 

He was a all around genius.

Not only could he sing and dance and broke barriers in fashion, he also knew how to play multiple instruments, write and produce music (and films). There's not that many artists who's resume is that extensive. 

Prince's music has touched the hearts of many and his career is so inspiring. We will forever miss the legendary musician.