When Rekindling Thy Flame Goes All the Way Wrong

Last night, it was reported that Ovo artist PartyNextDoor (PND) and R&B's cool chick Kehlani have gotten back together after being broken up for some time. The kicker is, Kehlani apparently cheated on bf basketball star Kyrie Irving in the process. 

How does everyone know? We have PND to thank for that. The singer/rapper posted a photo of he and Kehlani holding hands while in the bed, with the caption "After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed," blatantly putting their business on blast.

Since then, PND has taken the post down and Kehlani has deleted her IG account. Like all drama, social media is eating this up. There have been several memes of Kyrie, who obviously has to be embarrassed by the situation, but being a woman, I can't help but feel embarrassed for Kehlani.

Why you may ask? Well...

1. We don't know if Kehlani really cheated on Kyrie or if they broke up and she rebounded with her ex PND. 2. What was PND trying to prove by putting their business out there? It seemed like he was more worried about getting the upper hand on Kyrie instead of taking Kehlani's feelings in consideration.  

The post only makes Kehlani look bad for (possibly) having a weak moment and with PND being a lowkey celebrity, I can't help but think he did this with malicious intent.  

So ladies let this be a reminder. If you decide to rebound with your ex, hide his phone first! #justsaying

*Update Kehlani recently posted a picture of herself hospitalized after a attempted suicide following cheating rumors. We pray that she is getting better.