"Love and Hip Hop" Star Cardi B tells Castmate Peter Everything We Were Thinking

Two snaps for Cardi B!

The reality star is known for always keeping it real and during the Love and Hip Hop reunion, she kept it all thee way real with fellow castmate Peter about his public disrespect for women.

The clip that surfaced showed Peter calling Cardi B a hoe for promoting women sleeping with men and getting money from them. However, Cardi B flipped it on him when she begin discussing his constant disrespect for his wife Amina and baby mother Tara (who he previously cheated on with Amina) by impregnating them both around the same time and humiliating them on national television. 

Love her or hate her, Cardi B said everything the world has been thinking for the past few seasons and it's so crazy that not one of the other castmates, male or female, ever spoke up about the sad and embarassing situation.


For those who don't know, Peter, who is a former rapper, came on the show with Tara, who was his girlfriend for 13 years. That same season, we were introduced to Amina, who he was also romantically involved with and he kept going back and forth between the two.

He ended up marrying Amina, but we soon find out that he was still messing with Tara and she became pregnant. Amina was also pregnant, but she decided to get an abortion and was very upset after she found out that Tara was pregnant. Then on the reunion show, Amina revealed that she was pregnant, again.

Messy, messy, messy!

Ladies we have to do better! I have to say that as a woman and as a viewer, I am really disappointed in the party as a whole. A man can make a woman do crazy things, but this whole situation is just upsetting. It's like his wife and baby mother are competing to be number one and they are embarrassing themselves in the process. And then Peter sits back and plays dumb like he doesn't know he's making them look like a fool.

Whether or not it was Cardi B's place to speak on the situation, I'm glad she did because someone had to. If Amina and Tara's pregnancies didn't wake them up, I hope Cardi B's speech did.