Why We Should Be Happy for Ciara's Engagement Instead of Bashing It

Ever since Ciara and Russell Wilson announced their engagement, they have been bombarded with a slew of public comments. While many are congratulating the couple, many are also attacking Ciara because of her past.

We as women often fall in love quickly and sometimes it's with the wrong guy. I believe Ciara is one of those women who loves love and falls hard and fast.

The difference between Ciara and other women is that she is a public figure who happened to fall in love with other public figures. I agree that it seems like the two moved pretty fast, however, I do believe they are in love and they are perfect for each other.

As always, there is a double standard with how women are treated versus how men are treated and this is just another one of those situations. Why isn't Ciara considered good enough to be with Russell?

Is it because she dated rappers in the past? Is it because she had a baby by one of them?

Either way, everyone deserves happiness and that includes Ciara. Your past shouldn't define who you are today, especially if you are a better person.

And when it comes to relationships, you always want someone who can make you a better person and it looks like they have found that in one another.

I honestly wish Ciara and Russell the absolute best!