Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone: The Makeup Job Gone Horribly Wrong

Actress Zoe Saldana has been catching hell every since it was announced that she would be playing the legendary singer Nina Simone in the biopic Nina and now that the trailer is out, that hell she was already catching turned up a few more degrees.

Although a proven great actress, it is the fact that Zoe is light skinned and was casted the role as the dark skinned legend. There have been countless biopics or roles where actors were casted as someone, but did not necessary look like the person and when I first heard the news of Zoe playing Nina, I was quick not to judge. But then I watched the trailer. Zoe's acting wasn't bad, however, it was the terrible makeup job that was done on her. You could visibly tell that they packed the makeup on her to get her as dark as possible and it looked noticeably horrible.

It's like the whole cast and crew completely ignored the criticism about the biopic. Did Zoe, the makeup artist, director etc, not see how bad of a makeup job that was and how it would only further hurt their campaign for the movie?

It really begs the question, "Did colorism play a decision in Zoe getting the role or was she really the best person (when you take in consideration star power, acting, singing etc.) for the part?" Only time will tell once the movie actually comes out. But as of right now, Nina Simone's family is not happy and most people seem to be on the same wavelength.