Are you Guilty of a Shady Old Tweet?

Rihanna released her highly anticipated album ANTI a month and a half ago with very few features. One of the lucky features to make the album was SZA, a soulful newcomer who so far has only one album under her belt. The two collaborated for one of my personal favorites "Consideration," and while this should be a career high for the TDE artist, she was recently called out for old tweets she made about her fellow collaborator. 

Apparently SZA made comments about the singer's vocals (or lack there of), however she defended herself saying that she was young (unknown) and petty. But SZA isn't the only celebrity that has been called out for shady old tweets about other celebrities.

This should be a learning lesson for us all. Before you post a shady tweet (about a anyone), you should take into consideration that you too may become famous one day! Do you really want tweets to come back and bite you in the behind? If you have to get it off your chest and into the social mediasphere, I suggest you download apps such as Tweeticide or Tweet Deleter. These apps promises to delete your tweets...


I may need to go ahead and see if any of my tweets need to be deleted.