I Tried the Hip Hop Herbalist's Tea Brand Ivy's Tea Company: A Review

Tea. Herbs. Hip Hop. No this isn’t an Erykah Badu music video, I’m talking about Ivy’s Tea Company, an holistic brand that serves (loose) tea and things that are hip hop inspired. Founded by Shanae Jones aka the hip-hop herbalist, Ivy’s Tea company has an array of teas that aren’t only tasty, but designed to keep you healthy. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shanae about her ingenious brand, but now it was time to actually try the tea for myself.

Photo courtesy of Ivy’s Tea Company.

Photo courtesy of Ivy’s Tea Company.

Now, I won’t categorize myself as your average tea drinker. I typically only drink tea when I’m sick or need something to warm me up. I also don’t do a lot of caffeine, but nonetheless, I do still enjoy drinking it when I get the chance.

With names like Pusha Tea to the new Nip’s Tea that is dedicated to rapper Nipsey Hussle who tragically passed recently, I was excited to see what I was going to receive. To my surprise, I received Rise and Grind, Blow and a tea infuser.

The first one up is the Rise and Grind. Once I opened it, I decided to take in the aroma before pouring the tea into the infuser. Although the ingredients include coconut flakes and vanilla, it smelled like regular black tea and so it wasn’t a shock that it also tasted like regular black tea. However, I still enjoyed the taste. I would recommend Rise and Grind for those who are everyday tea drinkers who like to start their day with a kick.

Next was Blow and I was immediately blown (no pun intended) away by the smell. Made with jasmine flowers, blue, it had a nice sweet aroma. Not to mention, the mixture of herbs looked pretty in the container that I almost didn’t even want to mess it up. After letting it steep for 6-7 minutes like the directions suggested, I pulled the tea infuser out and the tea was blue. I’ve never seen blue tea before so I was extra hype to try it and when I did, I fell in love. It tasted just as sweet as it smelled and I didn’t need any honey.

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