How A Good Night's Sleep Can Help you Secure the Bag

Rapper and activist Killer Mike’s new Netflix show Trigger Warning features unconventional experiments to help the black community by touching a different topic each episode. On the episode “New Jesus,” Killer Mike was on a quest to form a new religion for black people with a messiah who looks like them. He enlists his friend “Sleepy” as the messiah stating that “he is the most good and moral people I know” and they form The Church of Sleep. In the midst of recruiting followers, they discovered one common similarity amongst the group, which was that many of them had trouble sleeping at night. Because of this overwhelming phenomenon, Killer Mike decides to incorporate the practice of sleeping into the religion. On their first official meeting, he provides a mat and a pillow to sleep with and a journal to write their thoughts after they wake up. Once they completed those steps, they would also sit down with “Sleepy” and share their feelings, in which many revealed that they felt more at peace than they did prior to sleeping.

But why are so many people suffering from a lack of sleep? On the show, many revealed that they were losing sleep due to past traumas, one man even shared that one night he woke up to a gun in his face, but Killer Mike also illustrated that culturally, we have devalued sleep for many reasons, but one reason is because we look at it as a weakness. Just hop on social media, you can see memes and captions like “sleep is for the weak” or “team no sleep” when in reality sleep is the best thing for your body. According to, there are many benefits to sleeping and I’ve listed a few of them below.

Boost your memory

If you’re learning something new or trying to enhance a skill, sleep actually helps make it possible. This process is called consolidation. Sleep strengthens your memories and when you wake up, you will experience better performance.

Live Longer

Sleeping not only improves your quality of life, but according to a 2010 study of women between the ages of 50-79, more deaths occurred for those who got less than five hours or more than six and a half hours of sleep.

Enhance Creativity

Just like sleep improves your memory, it also helps with creativity because it reorganizes thoughts and memories which can contribute to new ideas. So when someone says to you, you should sleep on it (in reference to an idea or feeling), you should do it.

Lose Weight

When going on a diet, many experts say you should stop eating at a certain time and go to be early. Why? Because the longer you’re awake, the more food you may eat. Also, in a study by the University of Chicago, research showed that dieters who were sleep deprived felt more hungry than dieters who had a good night’s sleep.

Improve Overall Mental Health

Lack of sleep can lead to depression and increase anxiety and stress that can ultimately cause sleep disorders. If you already experience anxiety, depression or other mental health symptoms, you are more likely to experience sleep disorders such as insomnia. Sleeping is healing because it rejuvenates your mind and your body, which can lead to a better mood.

So if you think it’s cool to neglect sleep because you have to stay on your grind, the reasons listed above will actually improve your chances of securing the bag.