5 Natural Makeup Removers You Already Have at Home

Recently I wrote an article for xonecole.com about the best over the counter and natural makeup removers to try. Initially I was only going to focus the article on over the counter makeup removers until I was doing some research and I found a lot of natural products that also act as a makeup remover.

For XO Necole, I decided to just focus on natural oils, however, there are plenty other natural products that are excellent makeup removers. Many of these products you may already have in your bathroom cabinet or kitchen because they have multi-uses, which can also result in you saving money. See which 5 products I’m referring to below.

Witch Hazel


Witch hazel is known for shrinking pores and reducing acne, but it can also be used as a makeup remover. Make sure you purchase an alcohol free bottle to prevent drying your skin out and mix it with a nourishing oil before applying it on the skin. Livesimply.me has a great step-by-step process.

Shea Butter


Yes, the holy grail of all moisturizers in the black community can also remove your makeup. Dontwasteyourcrumbs.com suggests that you take a pea-size of Shea butter and warm it up between your fingers before use.

Aloe Vera


By now you should know that Aloe Vera is more than just a pretty plant, it has many medicinal and beauty properties that have been used for centuries. To remove makeup, all you need is the gel from the plant and apply it to your face.

Rose Water


Rose water is increasingly becoming a popular beauty staple due to its many benefits including being a gentle makeup remover. You can make your own recipe or buy it pre-made.



Cucumbers have always been used to achieve beautiful skin so why not also use it as a makeup remover? You can take a cucumber and blend it to a paste and wipe away the makeup with a cotton ball. medicaldaily.com