Can Wearing Red Land You a Man?

A month ago, I attended a birthday party for one of my best friends and while I was there, I started catching up with one of my homegirls that I haven’t seen in a while. Whenever we do see each other, we always talk about our career goals and this time was no different. However, she added a new detail, she was looking for a man and she was going to wear red to do it.

Now, talking about men and wanting to be in relationships is normal girl talk, however her approach to achieving this goal was somewhat unique. I mean, I’ve always heard that the color red catches a man’s eye, anybody’s eye for that matter, but can it really help someone find a potential mate?


To be honest, I really don’t know. I will say that from personal experience, when I dyed my hair red, I seemed to receive a lot more attention from men, but was it because the hair color looked good on me or was it just the fact that it was red (probably both *wink* )?

When women wear red, whether it’s a red dress or even a red lip, we not only feel sexy, but we are also sexy in a man’s eye. According to, there are a few theories as to why red welcomes the male gaze. One theory is that red is often associated with love, passion and sometimes sex which enhances men’s attraction.

Psychologists also believe that men aren’t even aware that it’s the color that is stimulating their desire. Researcher Andrew Elliot produced a study that featured a picture of a woman wearing different colors and men had to rate which picture was the most attractive. Men perceived that the woman wearing red was more attractive even though the same woman was pictured wearing other colors.

So, there is evidence that wearing red does attract male attention, it’s almost instantaneous. My friend was actually on to something and I’m here for it. Wearing red to attract a man isn’t a bad idea, but of course you should wear whatever color you want to wear. If you feel good about yourself in whatever you’re wearing, that confidence will translate and men will see it.

Now that we know what red does to the male’s psyche, would you wear it to get a man?