DIY Facial Scrub

Lately, my skin has not been looking its best and I've been trying to figure out why. I've changed my diet, I drink water all day every day, I wash my face every day, twice a day and I started doing a face mask once a week. Then I realized that I have been slacking on exfoliating. Exfoliating is such a crucial part in producing radiant skin because it scrubs away all the dead skin cells. Once I had this realization, I had the urge to exfoliate my skin right away, but it was late and I was in for the night. So, I decided to raid my cabinets and see if I had anything I could use for a DIY facial scrub.

I searched DIY facial scrubs and the first one that popped up was a sugar and coconut oil scrub from I happened to have both. Now, I know I talked about in a previous post that coconut oil didn't work for my hair, but I never had an issue using it on my skin, so I mixed both sugar and coconut oil together and immediately slathered my face with it. My skin and I felt so much better and so I plan on using this DIY method for a while. Btw, did an extensive guide to the best fair trade certified coconut oils to use.