"Black Panther" Beauty Looks


Black Panther is truly a masterpiece. From its storytelling to the visuals, the vibrancy of Wakanda and its people instantly pulls you in and leaves you in awe. I was entranced by everything, the bold colors, the futuristic visuals, Michael B. Jordan (haha), but it was the beauty that really stood out to me. There was beauty in everything and director Ryan Coogler did an exceptional job showcasing that, but the outer beauty of all the women was truly phenomenal.

From Lupita's natural tresses to Danai and her army rocking beautifully shaven heads, it showed that beauty can be diverse. Their inner beauty also glowed from within as they displayed intelligence, power and confidence. They were "every woman" and their men loved and respected them for it. Another special scene was when Angela Basset was shown wearing long and beautiful grey dreadlocks. It was a jaw-dropping look that was different for the A-list actress and it was a look that was simply iconic.

angela bassett.jpg

Black Panther has received so much praise for its depiction of Africa and showing black people in a positive and powerful way. Hopefully, this won't be the last time we see this type of beauty in the mainstream. What do you think about Black Panther?