Self Love is the Best Love

While Valentine's Day is glorified as a celebration of couples, we can't forget the most important love out there, the love we have for ourselves. When you love yourself only then can you truly love others. A lot of times we get caught up in pleasing others that we forget to put ourselves first, which can cause a lot of personal heartaches. Like they tell you on the airplane when using an oxygen mask, make sure to secure yours first before helping someone else.

This example is so crucial for everyday life because you can't really help others if you don't help yourself. That's why self-love is the best love. If you're single, take this time to really focus on yourself and accomplish all the goals you had in mind, take a vacation by yourself, go to a spa, just really love on you so that when you do meet someone, you already know how you want to be loved. If you are in a relationship, make sure that you are not neglecting yourself for your partner. You always come first. No matter what.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!