#NoJunkFoodJanuary: My New Year Resolution


Happy New Year everyone!

We are all familiar with New Year resolutions and have made one for ourselves at one point in time. The most popular resolutions have of course been related to exercising, eating better and losing weight and this year is no different, at least for me. 

I have a terrible habit of snacking and my go-to's are potato chips, tortilla chips and jelly beans. It seems like every day, I'm craving one or the other, but January 1st, I vowed to not give in anymore. This month, I will not be eating any junk food. Absolutely none! Instead, when I get these cravings, I will eat something healthier, such as fruit. 

I believe that this challenge will help me finally take control of my cravings for the long run. I'm excited to see this to the end. Prayers up and fingers crossed.

What is your New Year resolution?