My Beauty Secret: Neosporin for Breakouts

Puberty. A natural process that everyone goes through. An exciting and terrifying journey into wo(man)hood. I would like to think that my experience with puberty was relatively similar to most, but the main thing that I struggled with was acne. It was as if one day I woke up with a face full of acne, and I was horrified. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the 6th/7th grade when I began to have breakouts. I felt very insecure about it and I remember classmates would try to suggest products to use to prevent the acne. It was right around the time when Proactive was becoming popular and it seemed like everyone told me to try it.

I struggled with the severe breakouts throughout high school as well, but it began to happen less and less, which pleased me. Even as an adult, I still have a pimple here and there, but nothing compares to my adolescent years. Although I hated the appearance of acne, I hated the appearance of the leftover scars even more. One day, my mom suggested that I try Neosporin to fade away the scars and it worked. I have been using it ever since and my complexion still looks even. It is as if I never even had a bout with severe acne. This is my beauty secret and I recommend it for anyone to try.