Issa Clear Complexion

Just like most adolescents, I struggled with acne all through middle and high school. I tried every product to rid myself of those pesky pimples, but I had to just face reality….I was dealing with puberty.  Now, that I am an adult, I’ve managed to get my acne under control (except for an occasional pimple) and I’ve learned what’s good for my face and what breaks me out. I have a morning and night time routine that I use daily 98% of the time (the other 2% is for at night when I’m being lazy.) My routine requires damping my face with water and using Noxzema Daily Deep Pore Cleanser followed by a moisturizer. I’ve been trying out different moisturizers to see which I like best, but as of right now I am using Olay. Once a week I trade in the Noxzema for Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Wash and Scrub to really get in my pores. I do the same routine in the morning and night. However when I wear makeup, I add in an extra step at night. Before I use my cleanser, I remove my makeup with Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleasing Water. And viola! What do you use to keep your skin clear and healthy?