I Hate Shaving So I Tried Laser Hair Removal

One day I was watching a YouTube video from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Jackie Aina, and she was discussing her experience with laser hair removal. I have heard of this phenomenon before, but it only exclusive to people with a lighter pigment so I was ecstatic to learn that now women with a darker pigment can enjoy this luxury. I hate shaving! I think it is such an inconvenience ( although I do it because I want to) and just plain old annoying. I did some research about the procedure and at the time, my pockets weren't feeling it. 

But recently, I received an email from Groupon and when I opened it, I saw a Groupon for laser hair removal. At that very moment, I knew it was opportunity knocking at my door. So I bought the $200 Groupon (regular price $800 or more) for three sessions. The average person would need between 6-9 sessions and I set up the appointment. When I arrived at my appointment, I was nervous. I decided to get the bikini area done for various reasons and so I didn't know what to expect. I've never even gotten a bikini wax done so I was a little uncomfortable at first, but my laser hair removal technician was very nice and funny, so that calmed me down. 

Ok so let's talk about the actual procedure. You lay there on an angled chair and uncover the part you want done, then you put on some what my technician calls "sexy" glasses so the laser won't harm your eyes and she takes the laser and zaps the area. It doesn't necessarily hurt, but it is a prickly feeling. Once she finishes, she wipes the area with aloe vera and that's it. I'm typically there for no more than 10 minutes, which is great. I'm on my fourth session and so far the process has been wonderful. You see the hair thin out with each session and the goal is to have the hair completely gone...forever!

cardi b forever.png

If you are looking for a safe, permanent way to get rid of hair, I definitely recommend laser hair removal. Feel free to reach out to me on social media (london_lately) or email (londonlately@gmail.com) if you have any questions about the procedure and my experience.