Yoni Eggs: What They Are and If They Really Work

One day I was surfing on one of my favorite blogs, XONecole, and I found an article about yoni eggs and it's benefits. The author had a miscarriage, which affected her mental state and the yoni egg helped her love herself again. But before we get into all of that, let me first explain what yoni eggs are. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "vagina" and it's a semi precious stone that has healing properties, meaning it can heal your vagina and the only way to get these benefits is to insert it in your vagina. Intrigued, I convinced my friends to purchase a yoni egg with me. We visited The Open Mind Center in Roswell, GA, right outside of Atlanta. If you are a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, then you may remember Porsha, Shameka and Sheree taking a yoni egg class there last season.

There are different types of yoni eggs and they all have their own special energies or benefits. I decided to get the Quartz, which brings harmony, healing, balance and protection.  It costed about $55 and I also bought a bag of sage which is one of the ways to help "recharge" the egg after each use (other ways is to sit the egg in the sunlight or moonlight.)

You can also choose between drilled and un drilled. The drilled ones are easier especially for beginners because you can tie the egg on the string, which makes it easy to take out your vagina. You can leave it in for however long you want. Some women leave it in to do kegel exercises and then take it out once their done, others may leave it in for hours at a time so that they can reap all the positive benefits. 

The time came to try it out for myself. I felt weird at first, but it became more comfortable with each use. I tried channeling my energy and putting myself in a positive space. The yoni egg was definitely radiating positivity inside me and it oozed out my pores. It was a great experience, but I will admit I didn't do it regularly, therefore I didn't get the full experience. However, if you are looking for a natural, holistic way of healing and strengthening your womb while engaging in a positive experience, I would recommend trying the yoni eggs.

The author of the XONecole article worked with The Organic Blood Yoni Eggs company, but there are many other sites where you can purchase the eggs.