My Favorite Fragrances That Will Keep You Smelling Good

Am I the only one who gets excited to rip open the perfume ads in magazines to breathe in the most intoxicating fragrances? I also get overwhelmed when I'm in the perfume section of a store becasue I'm so tempted to smell every bottle. Bottom line is, I have an affinty for scents.

Although I enjoy a variety of scents from the Marc Jacobs Daisy line to the Fresh Sparkling Snow Mist at Bath and Bodyworks, I only have a few that I call my faves.

"So Pink" by Gap


I was crushed when I found out that Gap discontinued their fragances and then years later I walked into a Gap Outlet and saw them. I love this scent because it's so flirty and fun and it's not overbearing. I wear this just about everyday.

Chanel "Coco Mademoiselle"


Where do I start with this fragrance. It is the most intoxicating, most sensual scent I have ever encountered. I like to think of it as a "grown woman" scent. It makes me feel like a sexy, sophiscated, empowered woman who can take on anything. This is a signature scent for sure.

Vanilla Scent


Lastly, we have the smell of vanilla. I didn't list a brand because my love of vanilla isn't just limited to perfumes and body sprays, I enjoy the smell from candles, car freshners and more. Vanilla was actually the first scent I began wearing. When I was a child, my mom sold Avon and they had this vanilla perfume that I quickly took to. Everyone would always tell me that I smelled like cake and as a child, I loved that!

Vanilla has always been a mainstay, but who knows what other scents might be added to my collection? There is one scent from the Daisy collection by Marc Jacobs that I really like, but as of right now, I think I want to stick to what I have. What's your favorite fragrance?