#SpookyBeauty Looks for Halloween

If you're like me, then Halloween for you is the time to eat a lot of sugary candy, watch your favorite Halloween movies and dress up in a cute and/or sexy costume. But sometimes you don't want to wear a full costume and that's where you began to get creative with the makeup and hair. 

So whether you always wanted to try black lipstick or you always wanted to experiment with exaggerated eye makeup, Halloween is the perfect time to do it. Check out some of these beauty looks for a spooky occasion. 

Ellarie transformed into the iconic Betty Boop for Halloween. From the brows to the hair, Ellarie knocked this look out of the park!

Cyndee Black shows us how an experiment turned her into a mad scientist. This isn't your typical makeup tutorial, homegirl did a full movie scene.

I discovered many videos of women who recreated SZA's butterfly look in the "Love Galore" video. The one above is from Youtube vlogger Kickin' It with T.

Eris the Planet gave an easy makeup tutorial for all those who wait to the last minute to dress up. 

Hope you enjoyed these looks!