The Powerful Ways in Confronting Anxiety and Living your Best Life

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to be a guest on Unleashed Radio, a new show streamed on World Star Hit Radio with guest host Michael Majesty. We talked about many things including my blog, my personal journey and networking. I openly shared my problems with anxiety when networking and meeting new people and Michael too revealed that he often suffers from anxiety.

This anxiety thing is real and it's more common than you think. According to, one-third of adults in North America suffer from it and that's not including people who don't know that they have it. When you see statistics like these, it's really astounding to know that so many people suffer from the same thing, but at the same time, it's good to know that you are not alone.


There are different types of anxieties, but the main one I deal with is social anxiety. Sometimes when I know I have to speak in front of a crowd or even attend an event in which I have to speak to strangers, I get extremely nervous. One of the ways that I combat this is by taking slow, deep breathes and I try to psyche myself out by thinking about positive things.

Also being in the media and entertainment industry, I often find myself in social settings because it's a part of the job and so just putting yourself in those situations is another way to combat it. has some other useful tips that can help you manage your anxiety as well.

Trying these tips can be a start to overcoming your anxiety.