3 Things That are Inevitable During an HBCUs' Homecoming

October is usually when homecoming season begins and in the world of HBCUs, it's a big deal. While it may seem that homecoming was designed for current students, it's really all about the alumni. It's essentially a class reunion each year and it goes down at the one and only tailgate.

Even with all the parties and events that take place during homecoming, tailgate is what captures the essence of homecoming. You have no idea who the football team is playing and whether or not your school won or loss, you just know that you're excited to see everyone at tailgate. Every year, there are three things alumni can look forward to during homecoming and they are:

Reuniting with Friends

Of course, this is the main reason for alumni to come back for homecoming. After graduating college, your friends may have all moved to different cities, states or even countries. Some may have gotten married, started families or just work crazy hours, which doesn't allow you to talk or see them as much, but at homecoming, none of that matters. It's all about catching up and having fun.

What has become a tradition in the HBCU world and especially during homecoming is everyone coming together to do swag surfing. 


Old Flames

This is actually a subcategory of the "Reuniting with Friends." My friends and I always joke about how guys, whether they are an old flame or crush, likes to send a "hey big head" text around homecoming. They seem to always want to know if you're going and if they will see you. It never fails. My advice is to not fall for it, but hey, when in Rome...


Drinking is inevitable during homecoming. Every tent at tailgate will have liquor and of course every party. Now, I'm not saying don't turn up, but every year there is a meme of someone passed out on the ground. Don't be that meme.

Happy homecoming!